Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment - 1 Lb. Review

Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment - 1 Lb.
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The good: This stuff works. Fleas are history! Period. It is about as non-toxic to pets and people as a flea killer can be. Compared to the high toxicity of traditional insecticide-based sprays, boric acid is innocuous. One treatment lasts for months. Even better, fleas never seem to develop any resistance to boric acid like they do to insecticides. Finally, boric acid is much, much cheaper than insecticides.

Notes: Boric acid takes four to six weeks to do its job. Be patient!. It kills slowly but effectively until *all* fleas and eggs are gone. After the initial kill, the effects last for months.

Boric acid is a white, flour-like dust. The lady of this house (the boss) would tell you that she loves the 100% effective flea control but does not like the unsightly, dusty coating on furniture. You must put up with the dusty appearance for *at least a week*, until you do the the first vacuuming.

I, on the other hand, could not care less about the appearance. From my point of view (1) the fleas are history, (2) neither she, nor I nor our pets are poisoned as we would be by the very toxic insecticide-based treatments, (3) the boric acid effect lasts for months and (4) fleas do not develop a resistance to boric acid. At least they have not developed any in the 15 years we've used it for flea control.

Comment: In contrast, while insecticide based flea controls are generally effective, they are also *toxic* to people and pets. The younger or older the people and pets, the more troublesome these effects are. Fleas develop resistance to insecticides. You have to use stronger and stronger insecticides, larger doses, rotate among insecticides, etc. to maintain their efficacy. This is bad cycle to get into for your health and your pets health. Enough said.

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Works on roaches, silverfish, fleas, ants and many other insects. Lasts over a year. Just sprinkle on carpet and sweep into the carpet fibers until it disappears. When ingested, bugs become dehydrated and die. As the flea eggs hatch, they will ingest it and die also. 1 lb. covers an area of 500 square feet.

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